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My name is Kenzie. I'm a CKC registered French Bulldog breeder. I started about 6 years ago. When my grandma gave my mom one of her pregnant dogs and I fell in love with the puppies. There is nothing quite like a Frenchie and the breed quickly worked its way into my heart. with guidance from my grandma who has been breeding and showing dogs all her life. I started breeding Frenchies. Now I get puppy love all the time without having to keep 100 dogs not that I wouldn't want to lol. I love seeing the joy that comes from matching a puppy with its forever family. The happiness and well-being of the dogs is most important to me. I raise all of the puppies my self in my home as a part of the family. I will not ship and do not import puppies. All puppies are sold under a no breeding contract strictly as family pets.

About our co Home program

We are taking applications for co-home family’s to be a part of our breeding program. We have a strict no dogs living in cages policy. This means we don’t keep our moms or our studs living in a kennel. They all live full lives in their own homes with families who love them. They come back to visit with us when it’s time for breeding. A stud would stay for a couple days until their job is done and then they go back home. A mom would stay with us a couple days for breeding then come back when it’s time to have her baby’s. She would stay to raise them for approximately eight weeks and then go back home to her family. Eight weeks sounds like a long time, but we raised all of the dogs in our program from newborns and find they are happy to see us and our dogs, who they grew up with, again kind of like a mix between summer camp and a family reunion. In the near and distant future we may have puppies looking for families. We will provide the dog at no cost in exchange for participation in our breeding program. If this sounds like something you would be interested in please reach out to us at for more information and an application form

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